Child Hug Uganda - Finland ry

Why are we needed?

Our mission is to decrease global inequality and build a future, where everyone has the opportunity to fulfil their dreams regardless of their starting point. Every person should have equal opportunity to decide on their life despite their sex or access to capital.  

Child Hug Uganda - Finland ry also aims to develop Finnish development cooperation culture to be more open and transparent. We believe, that development cooperative organisation should be bolder in finding new and innovative policies in the future and dare to revise their policy alongside the changing world. 

We also want to be involved in increasing Finnish people’s awareness, especially of peoples’ lives in vulnerable positions and in Uganda. We believe that increasing peoples’ awareness will add to a better understanding of how each of us is connected to global phenomena and can increase global justice with their own actions. This is why global education and support for volunteer activities is one of our cornerstones in Finland.