Child Hug Uganda - Finland ry

Child Hug Uganda


Child Hug Uganda – Finland is a daughter organisation of Child Hug Uganda (CHU) and in collaboration with CHU. Child Hug Uganda was founded 2011 in Lira, Northern Uganda. The organisation’s principle is to support and improve the rights of especially women and children as well as developing communities according to the principles of sustainable development. Their campaigns points of emphasis’ are in developing health care, education and recreational activities.


Child Hug Uganda supports children and youth who are orphaned or/and HIV-positive. The organisation has fundraised to cover the children’s’ educational costs and supporting young adults’ vocational education. So far, 21 children have attended school due to donations. Vocational education organised by CHU has graduates of car mechanics, woodwork, and hairdressing.


Child Hug Uganda has founded its own health clinic, especially for people living in rural areas. The clinic offers HIV-testing and guidance without fees. They also offer other health services such as guidance on contraceptives and laboratory testing for a small fee. Currently, Child Hug Uganda campaigns for these services to be free of charge as well. In addition to health care services, CHU organises training related to health care and disease prevention.








Child Hug Uganda - Denmark


Child Hug Uganda Denmark (CHUD) was founded 2019 in Copenhagen by Daniel Graham. At the moment, CHUD’s activities concentrate on fundraising, advocacy and organising events. In the summer of 2019, CHUD recruited 45 volunteers to work together at the Roskilde festival. These volunteers participated in the festival’s recycling and simultaneously fundraised for Child Hug Uganda. CHUD also supports the Uganda team in writing aid applications and budgeting.